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NAKAMA is a U.S. based Corporation capable of accommodating demands of residence in any city throughout world.

Nakama Services

Nakama Services

NAKAMA works in collaboration with placement agencies throughout the world as a facilitator. Enabling our professional trainees and/or students from abroad to have representation globally in order to guarantee and expedite a stress free transition to all its clients. We take the stress out of financial planing by coordinating our client’s transition, guaranteeing fair and legal housing rates in the best of conditions and always within proximity of your work environment.

About Nakama

NAKAMA is a Japanese term used to describe a person whom by their own merit becomes more than a friend but rather family. Since our company’s inception we have aimed to emphasize that approach when embarking in the adventure of travel, our goal is to remove all unnecessary obstacles from our client’s way in order to prioritize the quality of the time spent abroad and form life changing experiences forged by connections made through love and friendship which in our opinion is the treasure of life’s adventure.


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Conceptual tools open and close fields of the possible. Their pragmatic fallout is often unforeseeable, who knows what will be taken up by others, for other uses, or what bifurcations they will lead to. This is where the conditions of reality meet ideology. Our proposed solution is that it all comes down to style of execution, there is no need for a trade off when it comes to your plans of living abroad. Exposing yourself to new surroundings does not require you to forfeit comfort and safety. Our prime directive is to ensure conditions that allow anyone to create a comfort zone no matter what the circumstances, with our services you have a safety net provided by our community’s support, our logistical capabilities to provide you commodities and our operative ethic which is always to protect your interest to the best of our ability.  

We believe that the time you will share with the people you will meet along your life’s progression all have the potential to become your Nakama, we want to emphasize this principal through our services. In community living we have the perfect opportunity to practice an open heart and see the inherent value of society.


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