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Our common interest unites us, and that interest is the expansion on life. Be it Mother, be it Father, they are the bow from which the arrow of us was launched and with their hopes and dreams we will pierce through the present and make it so. When I created NAKAMA I was inspired to come up with a concept that would allow me to take pride in my contribution to the world’s work force. I wanted to help propel people’s dreams of life abroad but not solely idealistically. To truly help I needed to come up with a business solution that would sustain the economic cost of this operation, one that could survive in the competition of the world’s market and still within these parameters stay true to its original intent, to defend the rights of the consumer.

Never prioritize profit over protocol. Too often we see business entities fall in the pitfalls of economic expansion. I always thought the market deserved better, to me what businesses lack is the right motive. If we can incentivize a company to grow its economic energy off positive contribution we eliminate the negative impact of systematic greed.

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Follow us on Social Media to contribute to our agency’s continuing growth, take part of our lives. Help us construct a repertoire of social support and become our Nakama. Social media allows us to fill the fissure of cultural differences by establishing a direct line of communication, we can take part of each other’s lives and share our experiences through language and the input of technology.

Extraordinary experiences shared by everyone for public consumption. We can immortalize our lived experience and share a memoire of what is to take from places we will never have the privilege of seeing and time we will not have to dedicate. We invite our Nakama to testify and add to our growing collection of stories untold.