FAQs Nakama

Use this section for questions about our services. FAQs are a form of self-service, and most people, if not all, prefer to try and solve an issue themselves rather than wait for a customer service representative.

The best part about FAQs is that they are easy to consult and improve our product as our company grows over time.

Should you not find the solution here to what you intended to resolve please feel free to contact us directly for further clarification.

NAKAMA’s role is to eliminate all that entails the accommodation of moving into a new country. You do not have to search qualify and furnish your unit. you do not have to risk any legal or financial danger as NAKAMA’s legitimacy stands as proof and as insurance to you.

The entirety of the work is handled by us, all accommodation is handled and your residence delivered to you key in hand upon arrival.

You are not alone in your journey now. All residents are our NAKAMA and we are yours as well. We also devoutly wish that all residents apply these standards towards each other as we strive to create a sense of long lasting relationships, emphasize the importance of community. This ideology is our founding principal and arguably our species most important accomplishment.

Your account will be automatically created upon registration. This process is the only method for NAKAMA to assure your living quarters match your criteria.

In addition with your information in our database we will be able to follow the evolution of your stay and have all elements in hand to adapt to any situation requiring our assistance.

None of your data will be sold, solicited or shared with any third party under any circumstances.

Because every resident shares their living quarters with attributed residents, the limits of what is acceptable is based on mutual respect and the general consensus of what everyone has agreed to in each unit. This is primarily between you and your Nakama.

Unless we receive a direct complaint we will not interfere with the privacy of what is going on in your unit. If such a scenario were to happen then a warning may issued and penalties may ensue, ultimately if the problem persists it will result to expulsion of the resident by a court order.

Because NAKAMA works on a case to case basis, each dossier entails a different investments of time before qualification. However all cases do fall under an umbrella of 30 business days, within that period of time you are guaranteed a response. It is highly recommended that you allow yourself a grace period of 30 days before making arrangements.

Through the application form NAKAMA will collect your contact information and follow your dossier’s evolution. As soon as the process has resulted to a qualification we will contact your directly via email and instruct you further.

You will be required to make a deposit which consists of the first month, last month as well as a security deposit compounding to 3 months of your units rental rate.

Example: Since your monthly rent is $1200 dollars, the deposit will be $3600. Your first and last month will amortize as you live in your unit and your security deposit will be reimbursed after your move out inspection.

You will then be placed in a building and neighborhood of your preference to a unit that will be assigned by NAKAMA depending on the availability. The application will allow you to precise your criteria and we will oblige to the best of our capacity to meet your requirements. You always have the right to refuse the conditions in which case an immediate reimbursement will be issued minus the management fee.

You are now free to arrange your move and get your affairs in order, NAKAMA will forward you all documentation and proof of acceptance (Association’s letter of approval, copy of your lease I.e. proof of residency, etc..).

Upon arrival at your new home please provide your identification to the building’s leasing office or security desk. The keys and all security passes will then be provided to you on the spot, congratulations..

NAKAMA remains at your disposition and is here to advise you should you have any further inquiries.

「仲間」-pronounced “Nakama” is a word that translates to your friend, teammate, or partner. Nakama is recalling a close, family-like relationship. The word is referred to as being part of a group or community in a plural sense.

The boundary of considering someone a Nakama is different for individuals. When you have gone through hardship with someone, they are you’re Nakama. This kind of build-up is often seen in Shonen(少年) Anime and Manga.

This usage corresponds to the definition as given in the Iwanami Japanese Dictionary: “People who have maintained a close relationship for a long time, who share the same feelings, whose hearts are united and who share the same goal and destiny as you.. One of us..

Yes, you can request a transfer to another unit at anytime. We will present you with our repertoire’s current availability and allow you to choose. If however we do not find an adequate alternative you will then need to wait for the availability of an upcoming unit to allow for your transfer. All requests must be made through contacting customer support. Need a request for transfer? Contact Us »

Unless it is an emergency in which case you are to contact the police immediately. Under any other circumstances please do not hesitate to contact us, do not take it upon yourself to interfere or attempt to resolve the problem. We are better equipped to resolve any possible situation and are in the best possible position to handle it accordingly.

In any and all complaint case a warning may issued and penalties may ensue, ultimately if the problem persists it will result to expulsion of the resident by a court order.

Should you witness a crime or breach of contract you can contact us and remain anonymous. Nothing you communicate will be divulged to anyone unless we have your authorization or are legally bound to do so by Floridian law. Need assistance? Contact Us »

Some cases may require more than what is stated here, but the minimum required documentation are as followed:

-Proof of identification: Passport

-Copy of immigration documentation: Copy of visa & all Immigration documentation

-Application form must be filled

-Proof of residency from your country of origin

All costs are detailed in the registration process, those will be the only cost at your expense that NAKAMA will require.

Yes! but you may not qualify based on your own merits to all building associations, because NAKAMA works as a partner we must conform to the building associations demands. So always keep your decision open to a multitude of opportunities. Some associations are more strict than others and they may not be the right fit for your standards and vice versa.

The link RESIDENCES provides a map of all associations that we are working in collaboration with NAKAMA, it features living quarters in a multitude of major cities of the United States.

The first and last month amortize as you live in your unit. Your security deposit will be returned to you after inspection once your contract is terminated, the amount will depend on the damages (if any) recorded by our inspector, you can expect the refund within 14 days.

Because NAKAMA entertains a personal relationship with all its clients, our company’s database will send you a reminder of your lease’s termination date. Should you choose to extend your stay feel free to contact us and we will assist you in the extension the contract period.

A much held ambition we hope to realize. Currently NAKAMA is operating out of The United States Of America, therefore the bulk of our community is concentrated there. It is our prime directive to develop our company into a multi-national community . At the moment we DO accommodate any demands through out the world and tailor to the demand to the best of our ability. We are however bound by the limits of our company’s conceptual tool, in order for us to thrive we need a community and our company’s motto only works once that minimum has been met. Until then some places remain out of our reach. For further inquiries regarding this matter please contact our company directly. Need more info? Contact Us »

Yes, but the expediency of this process is circumstantial. You must allow NAKAMA to find a replacement before you can opt to forfeit your contractual obligation by florida law under a lease agreement and clearance by the building’s management board.

We will always be willing to work with you and with our volume of residents we should be able to arrange for a replacement within a 60 day waiting period. Unfortunately that cannot be guaranteed, mutual collaboration is needed in said circumstances.

Yes, in said situation you will then be help responsible to assume the totality of the rent due in the unit you occupy. You are free to request the unit unfurnished or you may choose to have NAKAMA’s custom designed furniture included in your unit. You are free to share your living quarters with anyone you want as long as it does not exceed two person per room.

In principal no, however if the co-living residents of your unit agree to allow your pet to reside with you, we will make an exception under the condition you sign a waiver accepting responsibility to any damages the pet may cause. you will also be required to pay a pet security deposit that we will hold until final inspection is conducted at your departure.